Discover your Garden Nature in Wales Nature Week! 30 May - 7 June 2020

Why not connect with nature on your doorstep! Gardens, large and small are fantastic places for all kinds of plants and animals. This year, Wales Nature Week is all about nature in our gardens- and we need your help!

We want you to share your encounters with the amazing variety of birds, native plants, bees and bugs that share your garden. You may be lucky enough to have a hedgehog visit! And of course, you can join in if you don’t have a garden by spotting nature from your window.

Our community of experts will be on hand throughout Wales Nature Week to answer your queries, offer tips on how to make your garden wildlife-friendly and help you to record your sightings to build a better picture of our nature neighbours.

Wales Nature Week 30 May - 7 June

This Nature Week connect with nature on your doorstep!

To all partners & friends who supported our recent Nature Week in Wales - thank you!

The journey continues & you can be part of it. Nature projects to transform your local patch are planned - get involved & make a difference to nature in your neighbourhood. Your Local Nature Partnership is here to help boost nature in your community so get in touch today!

Other activities

This year, Wales Nature Week coincides with the following events- even more reason to celebrate Welsh wildlife!

National Botanic Garden Wales nature week events

Family activities at the Centre for Alternative Technology

30 Days Wild 1- 30th June

Springwatch 26th May- 12th June

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