Wales Nature Week! 29 May - 6 June 2021

Celebrating nature in Wales Nature Week!

Wales Nature Week is coming! An annual celebration of nature featuring the fantastic habitats and species of Wales.

Our virtual set of events commence with a welcome return of the Garden BioBlitz- you can take part across Wales by spotting and sharing nature visitors and residents in your garden. Helpful tips and support from our community of experts will ensure your participation is fun and informative.

The celebration continues with a focus each day on habitat types and the species they support. Brought to you by Local Nature Partnerships in Wales, it’s an opportunity to discover nature on your doorstep, who lives there and how you can help nature by partnering up with your Local Nature Partnership- there’s one in every corner of Wales!

Confirmed events:

  • 29th May Garden BioBlitz with the Wales’ Local Environmental Record Centres
  • 31st May Big Nature Quiz with the Wales’ Local Environmental Record Centres

Be sure to check back for further updates

Discover your nature inspiration in Wales, share your stories, experience and enjoy nature!

Due to ongoing restrictions arising from the Covid pandemic we are planning on hosting virtual events across Wales during Wales Nature Week

Other activities

This year, Wales Nature Week coincides with the following events- even more reason to celebrate Welsh wildlife!

National Botanic Garden Wales nature week events

Family activities at the Centre for Alternative Technology

30 Days Wild 1- 30th June

Springwatch 26th May- 12th June

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Species in Wales

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