The group is no longer active and information on this page is not current and is for reference purposes only.

This is the information page for the WBP Uplands Ecosystem Group. The Uplands Ecosystem Group activities relate to the following Section 7 priority habitats in Wales: Upland Heathland; Blanket Bog; Upland Calcareous Grassland; Upland Flushes, Fens and Swamps; Mountain Heaths and Willow Scrub; Inland Rock Outcrop and Scree Habitats; Limestone Pavement

Mountains, moorlands and upland heaths are well represented in Wales and relatively undamaged by human activities. Habitats include upland grasslands, heathlands, woodlands and bogs. The Welsh uplands support artic-alpine species at their southern limit in the UK including arctic mousear, alpine saxifrage and snowdon lily - the latter of which is found in Snowdonia and nowhere else in the UK.


Upland Priority Habitats in Wales

The WBP Upland Group has identified priority areas for targeted conservation effort in Wales which are listed below. The area maps are also available in GIS format. Use the contact us to request the files.

The Upland Group draws its membership from a range of statutory, local authority and wildlife charities and is chaired by Charles Morgan, RSPB Cymru.

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