Does your group or organisation want to develop an environmental project? Invest in Nature Cymru can help point you to resources, support and funding!

Invest in Nature Cymru (previously Environet Cymru) is a Welsh Government programme working to support any community group orthird sector organisation wanting to start or develop an environmental project. We offer a telephone help and information service and can signpost you to resources to help you start or strengthen environmental activities.

Who is Invest in Nature Cymru for?

Invest in Nature Cymru is here to support the staff, volunteers and trustees of any community group or third sector organisation in Wales that wants to start an environmental project or to develop an existing project further.

Why develop an environmental project?

There are many reasons that people start environmental projects - to conserve wildlife; to create or improve local green spaces, to reduce energy bills or to engage more with nature. Often these projects bring significant benefits to skills, well-being and community cohesion - as well as to an organisation's bank balance. These projects will also help Wales towards its second Well-Being Goal - A Resilient Wales with healthy functional ecosystems and the capacity to adapt to change.

Communities and third sector bodies already play a key role in raising awareness about, and taking action on, some of our most pressing environmental challenges such as climate change, species loss and unsustainable resource use. They also form a fantastic resource of knowledge, ideas and learning that can help inspire and support others to develop environmental activities too.

What's on offer?

Invest in Nature Cymru aims to share and promote learning through networking, regional events and online and telephone support. Together, even small actions, with the right advice and support, can have a huge impact so please get involved today!

Invest in Nature - Resources

There are simple, cost-effective steps that you can take to do your bit for nature which will also save money, improve staff and volunteer morale, and contribute to healthier and vibrant communities...

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 marks a turning point in the sustainable development of Wales. In order to create the Wales we want, organisations need to enhance our natural resources as well as championing people power. To tackle these big issues we've put together some handy resources to help you take positive actions for a more resilient Wales, now and in the future...

The suggestions here are simple to apply and can:

  • Save you money, meeting trustees' responsibilities
  • Save you time to focus on the important aspects of your work
  • Improve staff and volunteer experiences and well-being
  • Increase opportunities to have a wider influence on society
  • Contribute to the delivery of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Environmental Volunteering Toolkit

So you want to help the environment but are unsure how to start?

Environmental volunteering is a great way to support the planet whilst giving back to your local community and there are many opportunities that can fit into your schedule.

There are hundreds of activities you can get involved with but how do you know which ones are right for you?

This toolkit aims to help you decide which aspects of environmental volunteering most appeal to you based on your skills, interests, and circumstances. There are many different themes and example projects included to help you find your perfect role, whether you love feeding your community, are a computer whiz, want to make your street more inviting, care about wildlife, enjoy getting fit, or want to make new friends. Whichever activities you choose you will be helping to improve our environment for now and future generations!

If you would like to do more for the planet check out our Going Further section for ideas on how to green up your daily life. Click here to view the Environmental Volunteering Toolkit

For more nature based activities, check out our 'Recording the Natural World' resources.

Doing Your Bit for a Resilient Wales

Doing Your Bit for a Resilient Wales

There is no doubt that most of us would prefer a workplace with more greenery and a chance to enjoy some space for nature. How do we persuade others though who might be concerned that this is costly, high maintenance and really just a nicety?

Invest in Nature Cymru's "Doing Your Bit for a Resilient Wales" toolkit, co-produced with Wildlife Trusts Wales, aims to change these beliefs with research and statistics about the health and well-being benefits of a more nature-friendly workplace, which include reduced sickness and a more productive and creative workforce!

1. Your Responsibility for a Resilient Wales - What You Can Do
2. How to Make a Difference - Delivering a Resilient Wales
3. Easy Steps to Delivering a Resilient Wales
4. Wildlife in Wales - Where to Draw Inspiration
5. You are Part of an Ecosystem - Linking with Nature

Investing In Nature

Invest in Nature Cymru's 'Investing in Nature' guide helps us look at the negative impacts that we may inadvertently be having on nature and explains the simple, practical but often over-looked actions that we can take to Help Wildlife to Thrive.

It also explains how you can influence others and do more across your group or organisation by Including Nature in Your Environmental Policy.

Nature in the Workplace

Are you missing out on feeling good? Invest in Nature Cymru's 'Nature in the Workplace' animation explores the power of nature to deliver well-being in the workplace.

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