The group is no longer active and information on this page is not current and is for reference purposes only.

This is the information page for the WBP Enclosed Farmland Ecosystem Group. The Enclosed Farmland Ecosystem Group activities relate to the following Section 7 priority habitats in Wales: Arable Field Margins; Hedgerows; Traditional Orchards

The dominant type of broad habitat in Wales is enclosed farmland. Areas of priority habitat occur in arable field margins, hedgerows and traditional orchards. Species of arable plants include cornflower, small-flowered catchfly and shepherds needle. Birds such as chough, yellowhammer and linnet benefit from sensitive farmland management and brown hare and voles live in suitably managed farmland habitats. Hedgerows and traditionally managed orchards support a wide range of plant, insect and bird life and traditional orchards support the rare noble chafer beetle. Hedgerows are important for maintaining connectivity between habitats and are used by small mammals, reptiles and amphibians as cover and as dispersal routes.

Enclosed Farmland Priority Habitats

Enclosed Farmland Priority Habitats in Wales

The WBP Enclosed Farmland Group has identified priority areas for targeted conservation effort in Wales which are listed below. The area maps are also available in GIS format. Use the contact us to request the files.

The Enclosed Farmland Group draws its membership from a range of statutory, local authority and wildlife charities and is chaired by Clare Burrows, Natural Resources Wales.

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