Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference 2022

“The Global Biodiversity Emergency: actions and solutions from Wales”

The conference was held online between October 3-7.

Programme: Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference_2022

Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference 2022

3rd October WBP Conference Day One Morning session

10.30: Conference Opening Speech by Julie James, Minister for Climate Change
11:00: Outcomes and Recommendations from the Biodiversity Deep Dive

3rd October WBP Conference Day One afternoon session

1:30 pm Project SIARC (Sharks Inspiring Action & Research with Communities)
2:00 pm Developing a Circular Economy for Fishing Gear
2:30 pm Marine Treasures

4 October WBP Conference Day 2 Morning session

10:00 am National Nature Service for Wales
11:30 am The Development of NRW’s River Restoration Programme and the implementation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel strategy for Wales
12:00 pm Protecting Rivers from Physical Modification

4 October WBP Conference Day 2 Afternoon session

1:30 pm Biosecurity: Improving understanding and uptake
3:00 pm How do we negate the impact of an increasing number of pet dogs on wildlife, ecosystems and livestock?
3:20 pm Curlew distributions over time by land cover class and climate in Britain and Ireland

5 October WBP Conference Day 3 Morning session

10:00 am Sustaining Wales’s Living Legends
10:45 am Achieving well-being goals through Tree and Woodland Strategies
11:30 am Wildfire – Good Fire and Bad Fire

5 October WBP Conference Day 3 afternoon session

1:30 pm Urban Communities Taking Action for Nature Recovery and Improving Biodiversity with Local Places for Nature
2:00 pm Local Places for Nature - Local Nature Partnerships: The path to a more natural approach to grassland management – “It’s for them!”
2:30 pm Nature Friendly Farming Network
3:00 pm Sustainable Farming Scheme

6 October WBP Conference Day 4 Morning session

10:00 am Section 6 Biodiversity Duty
10:30 am Welsh Government’s Approach to Net Benefits for Biodiversity and the DECCA Framework in the Terrestrial Planning System
11:00 am Biodiversity policy post-Brexit. What learning can Wales take from the recent Environment Act in England?

6 October WBP Conference Day 4 Afternoon session
1:00 pm Nature Networks in South Central

1:30 pm Greater Gwent Nature Recovery Action Plan
1:45 pm Natur Am Byth! Saving Wales’ threatened species

7 October WBP Conference Day 5 Morning session

10:00 am From Montreal to Ynys Mon: How can Wales deliver global biodiversity goals?
10:45 am Nature Wise – Nabod Natur: Wales-based eco-literacy training
11:15 am Climate Cymru
11:45 am Nature and Us

7 October WBP Conference Day 5 Afternoon session

1:00 pm Workshop: Innovative Finance
2:00 pm Closing speech from Sir David Henshaw


Many thanks to all delegates and contributors for attending and making the conference a successful exchange of ideas, information sharing, discussion and networking. The Wales Biodiversity Partnership values your feedback to ensure future conference events are relevant, stimulating and meet the needs of practitioners.

Apparent over the past 5 days is the effort, scale and ambition of organisations and people involved. With more hard work, collaboration and resources we can make Wales a proud Nature Positive Nation!

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