Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Wildlife Recording

There are many national wildlife surveys happening all over the UK that you can take part in whether you are interested in bugs, plants, reptiles, amphibians, mammals or birds.

It is possible to make useful records with no specialist knowledge. If you are unsure of your identification, your Local Record Centre can help to put you in touch with a local expert. Local Record Centres are interested in receiving records of all species, no matter how common or widespread.

Wildlife Recording

Ecology & Wildlife Identification Courses

Many organisations in Wales provide ecological training. The courses cater for professional development and personal interest. Click on the links for further information.

Aberystwyth University; Denmark Farm; Gwent Wildlife Trust

Field Studies Council; CIEEM; Local Environmental Record Centres Wales

Moelyci Environmental Centre; Pembrokeshire College Wildlife Observer Wales courses; Plas Tan y Bwlch

Swansea University; Wildlife Trust South & West Wales

Ancient Tree Hunt

Ancient trees are living relics of incredible age that inspire in us feelings of awe and mystery. The Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH) is a living database of ancient trees which began in 2004 and to date has recorded over 100,000 across the UK. The tree information you record can be used locally or nationally to highlight the importance of trees, promote their value and encourage their conservation. Find details of ancient trees near where you live or places that you visit frequently using the Ancient Tree Map. There are still lots of amazing ancient trees still to be discovered and recorded. If you find a tree that is not on the map then you can add it and upload an image as well. The growing database will give us a much better understanding of the number of ancient trees across the UK. Recording them is the first step towards cherishing and caring for them.