Grazing is Amazing!

Building bridges, helping nature, improving landscapes

Grazing is Amazing!

Careful and appropriate grazing can make the difference between wildlife thriving or disappearing completely. It can control aggressive and invasive species, sustain open habitats and create gaps for new species to germinate.

It can also reduce fire risk, improve access to green space, support flood risk management and promote pollinators.

Pori Natur a Threftadaeth - Grazing, Nature and Heritage is Wales' not-for-profit grazing organisation and works to promote sustainable grazing practices which deliver multiple benefits for wildlife and people.

Grazing is Amazing!

PONT offers:

Practical advice and support for establishing grazing initiatives including help with funding bids and developing local marketing schemes.

Support for Natural Resource Management, the Nature Recovery Plan and Welsh Government's Future Generations Act goals.

Training in skills ranging from stock checking to local produce marketing.

Read their Grazing is Amazing leaflet here.

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