Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Wildlife Crime

Wildlife crime appears in many guises, but can be broadly categorised into three main types; crimes involving native species which are endangered or of conservation concern; cruelty to and the persecution of wildlife species; the illegal trade in endangered species. The Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) leads on UK Wildlife crime detection and reporting. In terms of priorities, there are UK wildlife crime priorities and Wales-specific wildlife crime priorities.

A review of Wildlife Crime in Wales was carried out and made a number of recommendations including the establishment of a Wildlife Crime Enforcement Group.

Reporting Wildlife Crime

If the call is of an urgent nature and requires an immediate police response phone 999.

For all other incidents of wildlife crime call 101 and report the crime as a wildlife crime incident to the operator.

Wildlife Crime Enforcement Group

An enforcement working group is now established charged with ensuring interoperability through production of a Welsh wildlife crime strategy; developing codes of practice and data sharing agreements; progressing UK and Welsh wildlife crime priorities; and delivery of a biannual wildlife crime conference.