Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Local Environmental Record Centres

Wales has four Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) and each forms part of the first national network of LERCs (LERC Wales) anywhere in the UK. LERCs reflect the importance of observing and recording wildlife, with the creation of a record being the starting point for all data. LERCs then bring together all these individual records into a centralised database which holds approximately 9 million records, allowing a better understanding of the environment and influences decisions we take where we live. To view a summary of wildlife sightings in your area collated by LERC Wales or view a species distribution map, go to the Biodiversity Information Reporting Database (Aderyn).

National Biodiversity Network

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN), a collaborative partnership, champions the sharing of biological data in the UK. The NBN collates and aggregates data on species and habitats from a wide range of partners, including the Welsh Local Environment Record Centres. Data shared through the NBN are made available through the NBN Atlases.

NBN Atlas Wales

The NBN Atlas is a free online tool that provides a platform to engage, educate and inform people about the natural environment. It brings together species and habitat data to provide an evidence base for environmental decision-making in the UK. The NBN Atlas Wales, a sub-site of the NBN Atlas which covers the British Isles provides a Welsh view. The NBN Atlas Wales can be used to explore and analyse species and habitat information in Wales - you can view species distribution maps, explore an area, view images and much more.