Wales Biodiversity Partnership


Biodiversity Basics

Biodiversity is the fantastic result of three billion years of evolution.

Biodiversity describes the number of living things on our planet.

Biodiversity is the building block of ecosystems which provide us with a range of benefits such as food, water and clean air in addition to cultural and health benefits which nature gifts to us for free.

Biodiversity underpins a healthy natural environment. The natural world, its biodiversity and constituent ecosystems are essential to human well-being both directly and indirectly through the multiple benefits provided in supporting the functioning of ecosystems.

Biodiversity has been dramatically influenced by man’s activities. By changing biodiversity, we strongly affect human well-being and the well-being of all living things.

What are we doing in Wales to enhance biodiversity?

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 aims to build greater resilience into our ecosystems. Biodiversity has a unique intrinsic value and provides a sense of wonder in many of us. Biodiversity underpins ecosystem resilience and the sustainable management of natural resources. Biodiversity and resilient ecosystems with their suite of habitats and species provide natural solutions that support human well-being and help adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Given these powerful reasons we need to protect and enhance biodiversity for present and future generations. Actions for biodiversity and ecosystems are outlined in the Nature Recovery Action Plan. The delivery of the plan is collaborative, involving public bodies, voluntary sector organisations, individuals and community groups.

The Nature Recovery Action Plan links to and complements The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Environment Act (Wales) 2016.

Marsh Fritillary